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What I'll Do

Address Depression, Anxiety, and Health Within Our Youth

Nearly 15% of children aged 3-17 in Ohio suffer from mental health issues. The number one way to address this is to remove the use of smart phones at school. Smart phones and social media are undeniably linked to higher rates of mental illness and obesity. Ohio can and will become the leader in healthy youth through strict no-phone policies, mandatory health classes every semester, and actual physical fitness education. When you send your kids to school you can be confident that they will be learning and getting healthier, mentally and physically. 

Make Public Schools Worth Attending

Your money funds our communities' schools, so you should be able to send your son or daughter there in confidence. Any trace of critical race and critical gender theory will be eliminated - we will fire the source. God will also be reintroduced into our schools. Religion will be an elective the schools are required to offer. You do not have to have your child take the class, but the school will have to provide an opportunity for our children to learn about religion and God. We are a nation that benefits from freedom of religion, but we are failing our children by creating for them a nation that is free of religion.

Introduce Income-Share Agreements at State Schools

An entire generation has been burdened with student loan debt. We were encouraged from an early age to get a degree and reap the benefits of a wonderful education. Unfortunately, as always with government, the system got to big and did not work. Thousands have received useless degrees with nothing to show for it but debt and lost time. Going forward, schools will not receive money from students up-front, but on the back-end, after they have provided a worthwhile education. We will offer students the chance to pay a percentage of their salary for a pre-determined number of years. If the schools want to make money, it will be in their best interest to develop highly skilled, high-earning graduates. When the schools are faced with the reality of producing skilled graduates and not just graduates, we will see the far-left ideologies that have tainted our universities go away. If the schools want to survive, they will need to turn out engineers and software developers, not gender studies and theatre majors. 

Make Ohio A No-China State
Ohio will not do business with China. Period. I will ensure the passing of SB83, which prohibits state universities from accepting money from the CCP and introducing our youth to communist ideologies. And we will also ban the sale of Ohio land to China. China is not our friend. Our leaders at the federal level live in fear of China, so it is up to us at the state level to swing back at them.


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